JTAP (download here) is a multi agent platform and is implemented in a client-server structure. It consists of 4 components: the server, markets, traders and the bank, where markets, traders and the bank are the clients:
  • The server consists of 5 components: central controller, clock, connection manager, registry and report utility:
    • The central controller is the coordinator of the system.
    • The clock synchronises actions among clients and the server.
    • The connection manager is implement using socket based connection. It manages the connection and communication requests from clients.
    • The registry records all the information and activities for the system.
    • The report utility can print out the information needed for future analysis.
  • Each market is an intelligent agent, which can be programmed to represent various markets. There are a number of policies implemented for each market. By editing the functions in these policies, different market mechanisms can be implemented. Markets also send out information to traders for analysis.
  • Each trader is an intelligent agent. There are two layers of trading strategies for each trader. The first layer of trading strategy decides which market to trade in and which second layer of trading strategy to use. The second layer trading strategies trade in determined markets independently from the first layer trading strategy. The first layer strategy will evaluate the performance of the current second layer trading strategies and make adjust where it is necessary. All of the trader, first layer strategy and second layer strategies have access to the same information received from markets.
  • The bank is not implemented at this stage. We will add this component in later version of JTAP. Functions of the bank include: create and manage a bank account for each trader, provide loans, pay interest on traders' balance and inventory, execute transactions, etc.