Brief Introduction

The Strategic Trading Game (STG) is designed with the intention to develop intelligent agents for automated trading in e-markets such as financial market, eBay, Amazon, etc. The electrical markets can also be categorized by their operating rules as auction markets, retail markets and negotiation. The general purpose of the game is for the participants to design intelligent trading agents that are able to carry out excellent trading performance in various markets governed by different operating rules.

STG is a research focus of the Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) at University of Western Sydney. In order to enhance the research efforts, the research team will host a competition related the financial market to the public. The aim of these competitions is to explore different market functioning mechanisms and better trading agent design that serves a universal purpose to trade many of these electrical markets.

For details on how to design the trading agent for JTAP please visit the Trader design section of this website, here. You will find sample strategies, platform structure and the information that will be available to participants for designing their own strategies.

  • This Architectural diagram represents the structure of JTAP. On top are Trading Strategies (TS) which are part of the trader’s structure. A trader can have a number of strategies locally available to trade in a single or multiple markets.
  • Then traders are connected to the JTAP server.
  • On the other side the markets are connected to the server. Markets and traders communicate through the JTAP server.
  • Bank is the facility available to the traders via the JTAP server.

Disclosure: The Jackaroo Trading Agent Platform (JTAP), a simulative trading system, which is developed based on an existing system, known as JCAT. JCAT was previously used in Trading Agent Competition where competitors design different financial markets mechanisms. In contrast, the JTAP system will empower traders to compete through designing their trading strategies.